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Jobs for Young Adults with 20/20 Talent

Young, ambitious, and talented individuals bring new ideas, fresh perspectives, and innovative solutions to the table. At 20/20 Talent, we specialise in connecting businesses with resilient, switched-on, and driven young professionals who may not have crossed your radar but possess skills that will undoubtedly impress you. Our candidates are ready to contribute, making long-term impacts as they rise through the ranks of your organisation.

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Diverse Talent Pool: Access a pool of diverse talent that brings a unique blend of skills and perspectives to your team.

Long-Term Value: Our coaching ensures seamless integration, allowing your culture to embrace and retain talent for the long term.

Ethical and Business Growth: It’s not just about good ethics; it’s good business. Embracing diversity propels companies forward.

 Youth Empowerment Focus: Support youth empowerment by providing job opportunities for young adults and valuable career advice.

Tailored Recruitment Solutions: Benefit from our expertise in postgraduate jobs, entry-level positions, and career advisory services.

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Exclusive Opportunities with 20/20 Talent 

Embarking on your career journey with 20/20 Talent means unlocking a world of exclusive opportunities tailored to guide you through the job-hunting process. As an alumni member, you receive:

Job Opportunities Just for You: Access roles exclusive to 20/20 Levels alumni, opening doors to sustainable employment.

Career Guidance: Benefit from ongoing career advice from our team, ensuring you make informed choices for your professional growth.

Additional Support: Enjoy additional support in securing roles, providing you with the resources and guidance needed to succeed.

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How do I access your job opportunities?

Our job opportunities are exclusively for 20/20 Levels Alumni, if you have completed the I Am Change programme you will be able to access our jobs board and contact our Talent Agents for active job roles.

What companies do you work with?

We work with a range of companies offering different opportunities exclusively for our 20/20 Levels Alumni, we’ve landed our candidates in roles with Virgin Media O2, Converse London, Amex GBT, Federated Hermes, Landsec & many more! Reach out to find out our live roles.

How can 20/20 Levels help me get a job?

We provide comprehensive support to boost your job search. Our services include personalised CV reviews, interview support, mentoring, industry insights, and 360 support from start to finish. Even after placement, we continue to offer one-on-one check-ins and interview prep. With our guidance, you’ll enhance your resume, excel in interviews, gain industry knowledge, and receive ongoing support. You can count on us to support you through securing your dream role.

How can my company get involved?

If you’re looking for new ideas & fresh perspectives for your company, get in touch with us via our contact form.

How can we benefit from tapping into 20/20 Talent?

Your company will gain knowledge and education on establishing and maintaining a diverse workforce. We provide insights on fostering inclusivity and promoting diversity. You’ll have access to a diverse pool of candidates, by partnering with us, you can tap into talent from various backgrounds and perspectives.

Our team also offers ongoing assistance to ensure the successful retention of placements made through 20/20 Talent, through our regular check-ins with candidates and line managers. By tapping into 20/20 Talent, your organisation can benefit from expertise in creating a diverse workforce, access to diverse candidates, and ongoing support for successful retention.

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Partner with us, and let 20/20 Talent be the bridge connecting dynamic young talent with forward-thinking companies, fostering growth, diversity, and success in the corporate world.

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