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Empower Your Mind, Transform Your Life. Change begins with a mindset shift – rewriting your story and reshaping your future. Enter the I Am Change Program, where we redefine the game through guidance, inspiration, community, and purpose. Our 12-week award-winning personal development program is the key to unlocking your potential, providing the tools to define your success, and empowering you to achieve it.

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Flip the script. Change the game.

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Mindset Transformation: Over 12 weeks, delve into core sessions covering mind understanding, success motivation, identity exploration, and responsibility. Define your mind’s functions, embrace your uniqueness, and discover a purposeful life.

Career Enhancement: Take the next steps in your career journey. Connect with a network of like-minded individuals, professional mentors, and exclusive opportunities with our partners.

Skill Building: Gain valuable skills essential for personal and professional growth.

Economic Empowerment: Our program is dedicated to economic empowerment for youth, providing a foundation for financial independence.

Leadership Training: Tailored leadership training for young adults to foster growth and success.

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Our Sessions

Over 12 weeks, you will actively engage in our core and partner sessions, designed to enrich your personal and professional development. Our core sessions, crafted by the 20/20 Levels team, are tailor-made for your personal development to lead you through a transformative mindset journey. These sessions run side by side with our partner sessions, led by our partner organisations and facilitators.


Embark on a bespoke mindset transformation journey with our carefully curated core sessions.

20/20 Levels | I am Change | Understand the Mind

Understand the Mind

Looks into defining the mind and its multiple functions, we introduce the idea that the mind is the engine for creation, processing and ultimately advancing.

20/20 Levels | I am Change | Train of Action

Train of action

Goes into further detail on functionalities of the mind and explores how a thought triggers a subsequent or opposing action.

20/20 Levels | I am Change | Success Motivation

Success Motivation

Challenges the generic definition of “Success” and inspires candidates to look away from themselves and invest in social causes as a testament of real success.

20/20 Levels | I am Change | Happiness


Encourages candidates to take personal responsibility for their happiness as well as provides strategies on how to deal with challenging situations.

20/20 Levels | I am Change | Identity


Supports candidates to understand and embrace their uniqueness as well as sound guidance on discovering and living with a purpose.

20/20 Levels | I am Change | Responsibility


Encourages candidates to take responsibility for their own lives and not blame people or circumstances around them for not fulfilling their purpose.

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Benefit from our partner organisations’ expertise in various fields, including CV & Cover letter writing, corporate etiquette, financial independence, getting into property, interview techniques, and more.










Sign up today & change the game.

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Take the next steps in enhancing your career. Open yourself up to a network of
like-minded individuals, professional mentors and exclusive opportunities with our

There’s no limit on what you can do. You’ve just got to take the first step. So forget the knockbacks and the setbacks. We’ll help you bounce back.

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Do I have to pay for this programme?

NO! You don’t have to spend a penny, this is a completely free personal development programme. All we ask is that you come with an open mind and a commitment to show up to the sessions.

How long is the programme & how often do I need to come?

Our programme is 10 weeks long in total. You’ll have 2 sessions a week, one on either Tuesday or Thursday and a partner session on Wednesday. Plus our sessions are only in the evening 6pm till 8pm.

How old do I need to be?

We accept young people aged 17-30.

Do I need to be based in London?

All of our sessions are in person and based in London, so you will need to either live in London, or be willing and able to travel into London for our sessions.

How do I know if I am eligible to be part of the programme?

We support young people from black and racially underrepresented backgrounds. If you do not meet this criteria we do take on people from low socioeconomic backgrounds with a household income under £20K or were on free school meals. We do not require you to have any prior qualifications to join our programmes. We support a range of young people with different levels of education and employment history.

What do I get out of being part of the programme?

Our main priority is opening up our alumni to the best opportunities, so once you’ve completed and graduated the programme, you’ll be able to take part in our mentoring programme, apply for exclusive job opportunities and join us for special events with our partner organisations.

Am I guaranteed a job at the end?

We cannot guarantee you will secure work, but we have lots of job opportunities provided by our amazing employer partners. We support you from application all the way through to the interview stage, and we even continue to offer support once you’ve started your role!

When does the programme start?

We have cohorts starting in February, May & September! Head to our sign up form to see the specific date (link to sign up).

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